Friday, September 14, 2012

Chalk-Ah-Lot Tutorial

Did you know that some of the powdered chalks available at Stamp N Plus have the ability to streak another color? Mystic Blue for example is a unique chalk that looks green in the container. However when you add this chalk to your project, the more you press the more blue pigment comes forward. You end up with a deep blue/green color. 

For today's tutorial I'm going to use the color Crimson to show you a way to use the streaking property of Stamp N Plus's powdered chalks with some dry embossing. 

Note: Not all the powdered chalks streak. As the weeks roll out with new tutorials, you will see which ones do. 

Powdered chalk can be purchased HERE
FYI: Powdered chalk, Buzz Magic, Stamp Affair, Chalk-Ah-Lot and Stamp N Plus Scrap N, are all the same company. To save people from getting confused, I refer to all the above as Stamp N Plus.

Crimson chalk appears reddish in the container and streaks red too. 
(If you are interested in purchasing Crimson powdered chalk please call Luann at 715-271-1873)

I combined the chalk with Stamp N Plus paint but any acrylic paint would do.

This is the amount of chalk I used, which ended up being way too much. As always when using powdered chalks, a little bit goes a long way. 

The tool I use to mix the chalk and paint is by Creative Memories but you could use anything. I just like the flat surface to smooth out the bumps.

After combining the two the color looks more orange but don't worry that red will appear later. 

I painted my embossing folder using a wide tip paint brush.

I was very generous with my chalk mixture. Tip: If you find it dries out before you emboss it, give it a spritz of water and it comes back to life. And if you use a lot of water you get a whole different look.

Going through the Cuttlebug. I made two passes with it. One going forward and then cranking it backwards.

Once it's been embossed there maybe spots that didn't get coverage. Lift the embossing folder up a little and squish it down again to move the mixture to different areas. 

In this picture you can see the majority of the paper is the orange color. Only in spots with lots of mixture can you see the color red.

Here comes the streaking. 
I wanted to use the streaking effect to make the bigger leaves of the embossed image stand out. While it was still wet I used the paint on the leaves and swirled it around with a paint brush. I didn't use any new paint when painting those leaves. The added pressure to my brush in those areas made the streaking property of the powdered chalk color the leaves red. (Basically swipe your brush over the areas you want to be the different color. I can't seem to word it well :) 

Here is my final embossed area with the larger leaves exhibiting the streaked red color.

I made my card simple to show off the embossed area. I used the lace to cover up a little spot that didn't get chalked. Creative placement is what I like to call that :)

Here is a second card I made using the same chalk (As I said earlier, I made way too much of the mixture and didn't want it to go to waste). 
I think the Crimson is perfect for fall cards but would also compliment summer themes as well.

The sentiment stamps are by Stamp N Plus. These stamps are not on the website but I took a picture of the set they come in and you can call Luann to order this versatile sentiment stamp set at 715-271-1873.

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  1. Very clever use of the chalks. The leaves were a perfect choice to showcase this technique.


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