Friday, December 16, 2011

Paper Piecing Technique for Fabulous Friday Fun 12-16-11

This week for Fabulous Friday Fun I am going to show you paper piecing with a digital image.
I selected this image from Robyn's Fetish.

I printed two images on my regular printer paper. This way I could see what one would be the best one to line up my card.

Next, I placed double stick removable tape by Scotch on the printer paper in the middle of the image. This way when I peel the card off the paper the tape will more than likely stay on the paper and not the card.

I use my ceiling light to line up the card with the image and where I want it to print on the card.  Push the card onto the paper when it's lined up where you want it.

I ran the piece of paper with the card temporarily attached to it through my printer. 

Using the same piece of tape, I placed scraps of Christmas paper to the image and ran them through my printer.

After I had all the patterned paper printed on I cut them out keeping the black line around the image the best I could.

Adhere the heart and the star to the ornaments.

Start adhering the pieces of patterned paper cut outs back on to the image you printed on the card base.

This is what the final image looked like once I adhered the patterned paper pieces. 

This technique is best done with images that are easy to cut out. 
Give paper piecing a try. It really adds dimension to your digital images.

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  1. EXCELLENT!!!! I love working with digis, but always felt limited on the possibilities. You have truly opened my eyes to a "whole new world" of creating with digis. Now I can't wait to try this.


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