Sunday, January 26, 2020

Blast from the past Happy birthday card

My infrequent posting cards is because I am making scrapbook layouts in order to finish the many projects that loom around my craft room.

I've been looking around my blog to find scrapbook layouts for inspiration as well as some organizational clean up of my posts from the past. In doing so, I came across this card that has so much more to it than someone would know.

I would have used the by CM Cutting System for the bigger circle cut out.
I stamped the circle stamp kind of close to even to the die-cut and then inked with distress ink.
The smaller circle stamp is by Unity Stamp Co. I wonder how many times I stamped it and tried to punch it out in order to have even edges. (My hands didn't shake as bad back then.)

But... here are the things that I'm noticing:
One circle is white cardstock and the other is off white. No way in a card today!
The Unity Stamp circle is not inked.
The inks of the 2 circles are two different shades of brown.
The sentiment paper is not straight at all.
At all. Oh my. What is up with that?

It makes me think of how much time is put into each card. It's a ridiculous amount of time and I think that's why I'm not able to post every day like I always have. It's silly to post the same card with a small difference on multiple days. Post them all at once.

  In fact, people used to ask me why I didn't make more than one of each and my reply was I would get bored doing the same card multiple times. True and I didn't want to send the same card to everybody. It's not as though they would find out and so what if they did but that mattered to me.
I also have to recall that in years past, I made the one card for a challenge or for using sketch or a design team deadline. Oh, Design teams...I'm so glad I got passed the need to feel worthy or that my cards were good if I was on a design team.
After all of that gibberish the point,

I'm doing more assembly line cards because the today Me thinks, Hey-I have the things out to make this card so why not make 2 or 3 of them.

Tomorrow I have a set of Manly Monday cards that I love and are a good example of the assembly line.

Idt if I would let that crocked sentiment pass quality control in a card today.
But maybe it was a moment of quick slap a sentiment on it and get it in the mail before it's late.

Thank you for looking at my card and letting me talk about it.
The card is from 9-21-2011
Here are 2 cards using the same stamp

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  1. I LOVE this card Cindy and I, like you, only make one of because because I get bored, isn't it silly? As for design teams I'm down to one, but only because I'm busy on other things, I like the pressure to get a card done and a theme to help me make one, certainly not because I think it makes my card better than anyone else's. I usually think I'm the worst of the bunch LOL.
    Have a great week.
    Faith x


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