Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dance Layouts

I did decide to pre-post one more day and share some layouts that may be leaving my closet pretty soon. One of the young ladies in these pictures is graduating this year and I am making her a dance scrapbook. Dance has been a major part of her life and recording the memories in one book is not only fun for me but also a great way for me to "pay back" her parents for all the hard work, support and dedication they showered me with when I was involved in dance. They are the nicest people you will ever meet and I just want to give something back to them.
For years they used their horse trailer to tote props (a lot of props and sometimes heavy props) from competition to competition all over Michigan and sometimes out of state for national competitions. You know it would have been cheaper for the three of them to take a smaller vehicle to these competitions instead of their big truck carrying a load behind it. Of coarse we would get them something at the end of the year but I never felt it was enough. This is my way of giving back to them and they are going to love this book, Mom, dad and daughter.
Anyway, I have the pictures she gave me to scrap but also had some of my own, which I had already scrapped. So I thought to myself, if she liked these already done LO's I would add them to her book. There really is no reason for me to hold onto them anymore and if she would enjoy them then by golly I should give them to her. So these are the pictures I took to get her approval and they haven't had much editing done to them but you get to see them and that's what counts.

This next one is a two pager

So there's something new to look at besides my cards. I will have a layout from her book posted on Sunday. I am using one of my DT digital stamps in a layout instead of a card this week. I will post this on Sunday.
Best Wishes for a happy Tuesday:)

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  1. these are such great layouts! i have spent so much time cardmaking lately that I really need to get back to scrapbooking....it is always so much fun!


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