Monday, April 18, 2011

Manly Monday

I have to bail on Manly Monday but just for this week. I am out of sorts from last week, and can't find the cards I made for this post.
There was a scrapbooking garage sale at my LSS on Saturday and the preparation for that involved so much more then I thought it would. I made $100+, which is a good thing and nice to see old supplies go to new homes that might use them. The whole thing just drained me.
Then my family had an Easter egg hunt on Sunday that I made games and a tube to put them in for everyone there. It took up some time that I normally have free. I made two games but we were only able to play one game and that was fine. My family was so awesome about playing bingo. I think everyone there had fun with doing something different then what we normally do. Plus their positive feedback was very encouraging and made me feel all fuzzy inside.
So I noticed that my followers have been going down and I'm not sure why but I'm here to tell you I will have a post for each day for the next week. Some of those posts will be cards and some scrapbook layouts. I have a tutorial on a flower ready to run and may possibly run that after finishing this post. I've got a few things up my sleeve in the way of a blog prize/candy so stay tuned for that. Don't give up on my blog quite yet. The best is yet to come.


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