Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some more Layouts

Here are a few more layouts I have been working on for my young ladies dance album. This will give her an idea of how much journaling she will need to do once she gets the book or before hand. *A note to her and her mom the words created by me in the bottom right corner will not be there. It's for online purposes only.

So this first page you won't need to journal on but 

This page you will write on the white paper with lines. The top page and this page, go side by side.

You will need to journal a little in the left bottom corner. This is the only layout of this dance.

You will need to write in the pink open box on this page and

on this page as well. Since this dance did so well I thought you may have a little bit more to write about. If not we can improvise and add something to those journal blocks. 
I hope you like what you see so far. There are so many more layouts in this book and I think it is turning out quite lovely. Look for more tomorrow.

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