Friday, November 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday Fun-Glossy Accents

Today I am going to give a product review with a few examples of using- Glossy Accents by Ranger Industries.
There are other types of clear, dimensional mediums that you could use but for today my focus is Glossy Accents.

Here is a picture of a small and large bottle of Glossy Accents. I have both (& more) because I teach classes and there needs to be more than one bottle circling throughout the students.

I learned about Glossy Accents from Jennifer McGuire from the Creating Keepsakes magazines and now she is with Paper Crafts magazine. She did a video a few days ago that has a Glossy Accents tip in it for you to try. You can find it HERE.

So what is this stuff, Glossy Accents? First, it's a superpower adhesive. One squirt of Glossy Accent will make whatever you are using as an embellishment stick to your project. It is fabulous for cards that have dimension as they travel that scary road to the mail sorter at the Post Office. It seems a large machine sorts our mail and if your card has too much dimension the machine will rip off the embellishment to get it through. Glossy Accents will make your embellishments stay put on your cards.

Here is a small list of items I thought of that I have used Glossy Accents to adhere to my cards or layouts or whatever:

*Metal embellishments (bookplates, charms, tokens, frames, etc)
* Rhinestones
*Chipboard anything
* Flowers
* Flower centers
* Bows made by ribbon or twine. A little dab behind the bow and it will stay put.
* Stick pins
* Glitter
*Bottle caps

You get the idea but I have a couple of pictures to show you. On this first flower, I used Glossy Accents on the chipboard glitter dot in the center.

On the center of this yellow flower, I used Glossy Accents to adhere my dew drops and the pearl.

Make your own center with Glossy Accents and glitter. I made the small white glitter dots first and then did the center in red glitter. I patted it down in a circular pattern to give the center rise and more dimension throughout.

Then for this last flower, I used Glossy Accents for the center of the flattened bottle cap. This particular bottle cap was plain gold and so I put a Making Memories flower sticker inside of it. I then filled in the space with Glossy Accents.

This last flower leads me into the other way I use Glossy Accents. You can make things like embellishments including stickers, stamped images, die cuts, chipboard, anything looks like it has an epoxy finish by adding Glossy Accents to it. It is so easy to use. Just apply the Glossy Accents onto the embellishment using the tip to spread it out evenly.

I used Glossy Accents on this scissor image from Robyn's Fetish

and also on this strawberry image. I only placed Glossy Accents on the berries to draw more attention to their color.

Here is the card I made using the strawberries.

Another way you can use Glossy Accents is by filling in a pattern when you use dry embossing. I used this for the following layout. The dry embossing pattern reminds me of snowflakes and I thought to add Glossy Accents to that pattern would make a few snowflakes stand out.
**Click on the picture below to see where I used Glossy Accents**

I hope you had fun learning different uses for Glossy Accents. I would love to see how you use Glossy Accents or something equal to it on your project this week. Follow me my blog and leave me a link in the comments section of your project using Glossy Accents and I will send you a prize.

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See you all next Friday for another FABULOUS FRIDAY FUN!


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  1. I like Glossy Accents. But now I like it even more that you have given me some new ideas for using it. Thanks Cindy!!!


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