Thursday, May 19, 2022

Green shaker card birthday card

I’ve been nursing a few injuries, sprained ankle and bruised my butt when I fell straight down on it.  I went to sit down on a new to me walker. I was told by my ex SIL, “you have to have a walker” AKA She wanted the walker out of her house. But really she was a hero for helping by giving it to me. It was the walker’s wheels that made me fall. You could say it walked away from me. I landed right on my ass. I’m not complaining but the two injuries make it hard to craft. Here are just some facts: 1. I’m a fall risk and I can’t go downstairs. 2. I can’t give a clear answer as to where the pain is in my ass-which makes me feel like a pain in the ass. 3. I want to stand up to take the pressure off of my butt pain. However, I want to sit down because of my ankle pain. The butt pain has won that competition and I’m standing. 4. Lastly, the topic on weather or not I should go to the doctor for the ass has been a hot debate. Anyway. I brought some up some half done projects and have been able to put some things together. This is one of them. Thanks for looking.

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  1. AW! I'm so sorry you had the fall Cindy, good that you have a walker, you just have to get used to it, so I'm told. Great shaker and I'm glad you can still do a little bit of crafting. I hope your feeling better very soon.


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