Monday, June 27, 2016

Manly Monday

Hi all. 

I'm recently struggling with making cards and I think it's because I'm no longer selling them in a store. Any new cards I make {I feel} must have some sort of purpose. Otherwise, I run into storage problems with these cards that I don't know what to do with or who to give them to.

My next problem is, I feel like all my cards look the same weather that be the same design/layout or the techniques or even the same colors. I'm not getting the wow factor lately from my creations. {OK the lighthouse card turned out really nice}. 

Next problem was my workflow pattern in regard to product placement {that sounded all professional;)} I've made some organization changes in my room which, helped me to realize all the fun stuff I have all around me. Although I have a crafty wish list in the back of my head, I don't feel like I need to run out and buy more to be a better card maker or scrapbooker. {besides, you kind of need a job for that;)}. 

Finally, when I sit down to craft, my desk looks like a storm came through and threw things everywhere. I'll pull stuff for five different card ideas that I have, has now taken over my desk making the situation stressful, overwhelming, and giving me anxiety. 
Here's a wonderful example of my desk at a time when I wanted to make a bunch of Manly Monday cards to get ahead. This is what happened:

I believe there are three cards started in this photo plus I know there are three cards not in the picture I counted seven images that are ready to rock out on a card. I will say this, the photo shows only masculine products, My heart was in for this post but with life always going on, enter big sigh, the card didn't get finished, YET. It's still early meaning it's before midnight. 

Thanks for sticking with me. If you have the same issues please leave me a comment or write me at email, 
I would love to chit chat and find out what works for you in a rut situation

Do you know of a website that helps people get out of their creative rut? Please share.
because I am in need.
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  1. this happens to us all. I like Pinterest to inspire me!


  2. Been there! When I lose my mojo, I take a break from crafting. Sometimes I reorganize my crafty stuff and discover new goodies I've forgotten I had. Sounds like you've been doing that already! I like to look at other blogs or YouTube videos for inspiration - Jennifer McGuire is a great inspiration to get back on track - maybe try some of her techniques! And you are right - your lighthouse card is AWESOME! Don't worry about your mojo - it will come back!

  3. This does happen! Then I straighten up a bit leaving a relatively clean and empty work space, finish those
    already started cards, and then go to all those blogs I get looking for somethings that catch my fancy!! I will
    also do some scrapbooking for a change.....

  4. Clean up, go away and choose an image or a paper, or even a sketch and something comes, sometimes NOT even what I started with, then I'm pleased and can go on from there ! Look for a challenge you fancy? sometimes not even that works, so go away and forget about it.
    Don't worry about it and will come back.
    Good Luck


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