Thursday, December 2, 2021

Chalk zig zag border card

This card was a bit frustrating to make. As my husband would say, this card is kicking your butt...and why, well

The Spellbinders zigzag borders are covered with powdered chalk mixed with paint.
The borders are leftovers from this card:
The sentiment stamp is one that I bought off of eBay.
I used different colored distress inks to give it a multi-color appearance. Then I hand cut the sentiment out and inked the edges with distress ink. 

So here was my drama with this card:
I lacked planning the card before I put it together. When I put glue adhesive on the entire zigzag border, the glue stayed on the card base and was tacky. I could not remove the border from the card because it started to come apart. So when I decided to do this frame, the adhesive was/is on the card where those zigzag die-cuts were going to be. WTH did I just say? 

The adhesive is everywhere and I can’t get it off with an adhesive remover square thingy. The corner pieces are so small that when I rubbed over them with the square adhesive remover the corners came off.
The adhesive got on the edges of the card where I originally placed the border. But now that I’m thinking of it and writing this, I could just cut the frame off this card base end it here it to another one, and then cut those corners out to adhere to another card base as well. I might just do that. 

Thanks for looking

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  1. Love your escapades with cards, I didn't even notice the corners until reading your story, shows what I'm like ;) Great idea to cut around the centre too.
    Faith x


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